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Brian Colbert is regarded as one of the leading consultants in the area of Personal Growth in Ireland today. Brian is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP. Such are his insights into the whole area of Personal Development that he must truly be regarded as a pioneer. It is with such an array of powerful insights and ideas on how to unlock individual potential by accessing the power of the human mind that he has already directed thousands of people towards achieving their true potential.

Brian adheres to his own personal philosophy of always being true to yourself, honouring your destiny and living life to the full. His warmth, authenticity, curiosity and passion for life are contagious. His charismatic training style often swings delicately between the profound and the downright funny, which allows learning to become an interesting and fun experience.

What sets Brian apart from other personal coaches is his hands on, direct, no nonsense approach, which can often be challenging but more often effective. Some people have described Brian's thinking to be sometimes unconventional but what he has discovered over the years is that this client centred approach works!

In a world often dominated with psychological jargon and mumbo jumbo, Brian's laid-back approach and clear focus on results is joyfully refreshing. Having trained with the leading trainers in the world today, Brian has a broad academic knowledge of the whole field of personal growth. However it is not academic knowledge he relies on for results but rather his own personal life experience and the experience of relating to thousands of individuals on a basic human level over the last twenty years.

Brian is a successfully established Corporate Trainer/Consultant and a respected international Life and Business Coach, with executives from IMI, AOL, Dell, Microsoft, Gateway, ESB, Bank of Ireland, Dublin City Council and Go America among his former clients. As well as having a degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, he is a qualified Hypnotherapist /Psychotherapist with over 20 years experience and an NLP Master Practitioner and Master Trainer. He is presently a director and co-founder of the Irish Institute of NLP where he spends much of his time developing and presenting NLP to enable people to reach their true potential.

He is married, has two young boys and lives in Dublin.